Benjamin Santiago

Junior Director/Producer Application

Hey Steve (and whoever else ends up seeing this)! I'm excited to talk to you about this opportunity and believe I would be a great fit. Here you'll find all the stuff you should need to make your decision.

I am an award-winning artist and animator looking to grow into a new role as the junior director producer. I have a commitment to excellence, attention to detail, an interest in and aptitude for technical knowledge needed for some scripts, a track record of delivering projects in a timely and effective manner, and I've simply been on the very edge of the periphery of this kind of a position (the edge of periphery that's close to being in focus). All of this, I believe, puts me in a unique position to perform this job, and do it well.

Besides the technical requirements, I've got ❤, moxie, and I'm ready to be put into the game!  

Other Work/Writing Samples

Here are the edits that were requested for the scripts that I was given. I converted Module 1 to a side by side because I simplified certain areas to make the script fit the time limit better. I also edited Module 4 to provide another sample. Without much more statistical data, I couldn't pad the script out (seems a little short). I tried to change some weird sentence structures, and tried to generally break sentences apart to be smaller. I also broke up paragraphs into smaller parts, so that the voice over and animation would have a little more room for transitions and an initial impression of where they might be. I'm happy to discuss anything further with this writing if you'd like!

Historical Conquest: Vesuvius

This was a video I completed by myself, for Zach Edwards, the creator of Historical Conquest, an educational card game. I wrote the script based on the information that needed to be conveyed and suggested using Abraham Lincoln (an existing card) as the narrator to make the video more fun. All the voice over, script, animation and sound design is me. The card art, background and painting of Abe already existed, but otherwise the assets and type are me as well. 

Introduction to Business (McGraw-Hill)

Introduction to Business was a series of ~20 2-3 minute videos meant to illustrate a concept from the eponymous textbook. The videos were viewable on McGraw-Hill's Connect platform. I started doing illustrations, but eventually was assisting with concepts for scripts, listening in on conference calls, drawing storyboards, keeping pedagogical and aesthetic integrity. I eventually found myself managing all the videos and a group of approximately 10 artists, under an extremely tight deadline. (I don't have access to the scripts for these anymore, but from skimming through the video, I think you can see it is not dissimilar to content we produce here except that it is for an eLearning product.

Introduction to Marketing (McGraw-Hill)

Because of my previous experience with the Introduction to Business videos, I was asked to again help with the similarly sized Introduction to Marketing series. I listened in on phone calls with McGraw-Hill marketing employees and Content Matter Experts (selected instructors), to maintain pedagogical integrity. This project saw a tighter development of the characters in a richer "universe" meant to help increase student interest. Similarly, I provided initial storyboards, some additional frame by frame animations, and played a greater role in designing characters and the world the characters lived in as well as "fleshing out" the scene description in the two column scripts. In addition, because of my experience with the previous project, this one was much more manageable and better organized with a leaner animation and production team (6 people).  Similarly, I do not have access to the actual scripts for these projects, but present it here because of the scope the project and the "whiteboard adjacent" aesthetic.

Thank you so much for your time! 
Please let me know if you have any more questions or concerns.